The Peony Fields

A farm is magical, there's no denying that. Rows and blocks of crops laid out, a plan going forward, hard work in pursuit of delight and beauty, all make us want to crane our necks to look. A flower farm is doubly magic. You should see the wistful looks on people's faces when I tell them I have a peony farm. I can see that they've just imagined something, and that it's beautiful and irresistible.

In 2015, my family and I moved to 11 acres of what used to be peach orchard in north Spartanburg county, South Carolina, almost to the North Carolina border. That same year we killed our first grass, planted our first seeds, and broke out in a sweat as we ordered our first 200 peony roots.

I planted those roots in a corner of my field, then went and planted lots of other things. We took flowers to the farmer's market, sold bouquets at grocery stores, and made a weekly delivery to area florists. And all the while, the peonies grew over there in the corner.

What I didn't know, until years later when my first stems were ready to offer to the world, was how much everyone loves peonies. When I found out, (and after falling firmly in love with them myself) I knew what I had to do. Zinnias and sunflowers lost ground, literally, to peonies. And more peonies. Until finally I had to admit that I was running a peony farm, not just a flower farm.

And that's fine with me. Thousands of years of cultivation and breeding have given us endless combinations of flower form, color, and fragrance. Each bloom is a wonder. Peonies are a whole world by themselves, a garden that a farmer and flower lover could venture into and be happy never to come out again. Wandering forever, among the flowers.

Of course, you want to know whether you can come visit. In 2023, the farm is closed to visitors. There will be pickup at the farm on the dates indicated in the product listings, but as yet we're not ready for tours. We're working in that direction, though, and will let you know just as soon as we are. Cut flowers are available for pickup or shipping, right around Mother's Day. Check the catalog page for availability.

Thank you for being interested in what's going on over here, for loving peonies, and for coming along for the ride. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get updates as we go. There's a handy box on the main page for your email address.

Because a farm, as I said, is magic, and a flower farm doubly so. And who doesn't love a good magic show?

May we meet soon over flowers,