Prints and Petals for Year-Round Peony Joy

Peony season is gorgeous, fragrant, longed-for, loved, and short. This year I'm working on some ways to extend that beautiful brief season for more of the year. So far, I've come up with two ways to keep peonies with us longer.

Wall Art:

Pink Peony Wall Art
Thanks to the magic of the camera shutter, I've got some frozen moments of peony season for you. Enjoy one or more of the five large prints or six small peony portraits I've had so much fun putting together. Find them in The Peony Fields' print shop.

Another way to enjoy peonies for longer?

Dried Peonies:

Dried Blush Peonies
For crafts, potpourri, or display, drying flowers helps them stay with us longer. Since the fresh cut season ended, I've been enjoying drying peonies in different ways. Now I've got petals, whole, long-stemmed, air-dried flowers, and silica dried blooms, in white, blush, and pink. Check those out in the dried flower shop.

Can you think of other ways to extend the peony season? Drop me a line and let me know.


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