When can I visit?

For many years, whenever you've asked when you can come visit the farm, the answer has been, "you can't". Then it was, "soon". And now I'm excited to be able to say, "2024".

Here is a tentative list of events that I'll be starting up next year. Would you take a moment and peruse them? Then, please sign up for what you'd be interested in attending, just as if all these events were happening this year. Leave me any thoughts you have in the notes section of your cart before checking out. You'll be notified first when these events are scheduled. Space is necessarily limited.

Bloom season on my peony farm starts around April 15 and runs through mid to late May. Peak bloom season is generally the first couple of weeks of May.

Thank you! This information helps me decide what to focus on and what not to bother with. As always, you and I shape our farm experience together.